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Specie Appropriate Diet

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 Tom Lonsdale 

Good explanation why not to feed kibble and raw at the same time.  Click

Feeding Puppies Raw

 I weigh every 2-4 weeks & tweek as needed - Raw Feeding Guide Click

Raw Feeding A Specie Appropriate Diet

I raw feed & make my own if interested in learning more about Raw Feeding Please feel free to Join 


Raw Meat Diet for pets 

Dr. Karen Becker

why there’s nothing to fear and so much to gain by serving your dog or cat the food nature intended him to eat.

Part 1   Part   Part 3

Dogs Naturally Magazine 

Mixing Kibble with Raw? Here's the problem - Click

Species Appropriate Raw Diets 

T0 Maintain a Healthy & Happy Companion - Perfectly Rawsome Click

Dr. Judy Morgan

Does a kibble diet help remove plaque from

a dog's or cat’s teeth? Dental Myths - Click

Dental Myth - Click

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