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Senior and Special Needs Pet Release Form:

Grooming a Senior, or Special Needs Pet, can be very stressful to the pet.


Shelly’s Little Dog Grooming works very hard to make the grooming experience as comfortable as


possible. In order to accomplish this, I groom for the pets comfort and cleanliness.


I will only groom what your senior pet will allow myself to do comfortably.


The cut will be in a style that will cause the least amount of stress as possible.

  Because many Senior and Special Needs Pets have pre-existing health issues, their risk of an injury


during grooming is greater. Grooming a Senior, or Special Needs Pet can also expose hidden


medical issues and, or aggravate current medical issues during and, or after the grooming.


All care possible will be taken in the grooming of your pet. Shelly’s Little Dog Grooming also holds


the right to groom your pet only as far as the pets comfort will allow. If your pet shows any


discomfort during the grooming, the grooming will stop and you will be asked to pick up your pet



The safety and comfort of your pet is our number one concern. We ask that all Senior and Special


Needs Pets are picked up immediately, or no later than 30 minutes after we have called to inform you


that your pet is ready to go home. In event of an Emergency you give permission for Shelly’s Little Dog


Grooming to seek Veterinarian assistance, you give Shelly’s Little Dog Grooming permission to take


your pet to the closest available Veterinarian for care. If Veterinarian care is needed I will do my best


to contact you.


I, the undersigned, understand the above and I authorize Shelly’s Little Dog Grooming to seek


Veterinary care for my pet in case of an Emergency. I the owner agree to pay any and all charges if


Veterinary care is needed and provided.

I have Fully Read & Understand and Agree to the Terms & Conditions to this Form Knowing that any


and all of the above conditions can occur.


By Clicking submit on the Form you agree  & have read  & agree to the above terms & conditions.

Shelly's Little Dog Grooming

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