Extra Fees

Is your dog Matted


I will Not Accept Dogs that are pelted with feces & urine.

Extra Fee on Top of Groom will be charged if the dog is matted/Pelted.   I DO NOT DEMAT. The most humane thing to do is shave them off and start over. I will only shave down the dog once due to being heavily matted, if the dog comes in again heavily matted I will ask you to to go to another groomer. I do not tolerate neglect.




Does your dog have Parasites

I will Not groom a dog with

Parasites - Ringworm & I do NOT

remove lice or fleas

if your dog has either, you will be notified to come get your dog & charged the Grooming Fee Plus $75 due to the time it will take me to sanitize / fumigate my grooming area as well as all my tools & the loss of a groom.


1)  Learn more about non-toxic tick, flea and mosquito options!

2) 4 Natural Flea & Tick Repellent Recipes For Your Dog

- If your dogs has tics you will be charged a $1 for each tic removal which I will put in a jar for you. How to remove a Tic.

eTick - Info



Natural Bug Repellent - Click

Bathroom Duties

A Groom takes about 1.5 Hrs. 

a pup. 

A short little walk will help your pup have a more enjoyable groom if they have done their business already.

If I need to clean up a mess and have to re bath a dog an extra fee on top of groom will be added on.

Due to the extra clean up and re bath.

All Prices are subject to change

 ~Depending on the condition and difficulty of the job.

 ~Any dog that takes over 1.5 hours will have an additional charge, the average dog takes less than 90 minutes to groom.