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Extra Fees

All Prices are subject to change

 Depending on dog, breed, size, condition of  coat. 

Extra fees may apply due to mats, fur or an abundance of undercoat. 

The average dog groom typically takes 1.5 hours.

Depending on the condition and temperament of your dog the groom could go over the allotted time. For each 30 minutes over the allotted time an additional $25.00 will be added to the price of your dogs groom.

Is your dog Matted


I will Not Accept Dogs that are pelted with feces & urine.

I No longer accept dogs that are Fully Matted / Pelted.

Extra Fee on Top of Groom will be charged if the dog is matted,

 I do not dematt. The most humane thing to do is shave them off and start over. I will only shave down the dog once due to being heavily matted, if the dog comes in again heavily matted I will ask you to to go to another groomer. I do not tolerate neglect.



Bathroom Duties

A Groom takes about 1.5 Hrs. 

a pup. 

A short little walk will help your pup have a more enjoyable groom if they have done their business.

If I need to clean up a mess and have to re bath a dog an extra fee on top of groom will be added on.

Due to the extra clean up and re bath.


Does your dog have Parasites

I will Not groom a dog with



I do not remove lice or fleas

If your dog has either, you will be notified to come get your dog & charged the Grooming Fee Plus $75 due to the time it will take me to sanitize / fumigate my grooming area as well as all my tools & the loss of a groom.


If your dogs has tics you will be charged a $1 for each tic removal which I will put in a jar for you.


1)  The Safest Flea And Tick Prevention For Dogs

2) 4 Natural Flea & Tick Repellent Recipes For Your Dog

How to remove a Tic.

eTick - Info



Natural Bug Repellent - Click
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