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Puppy Grooming Tips

Should be started early, the earlier puppies are groomed, the easier it is on them.  Puppy grooms are never the best, due to them being very wiggly.  The longer you wait the harder it is to get them trained and to get over the fear of all the noises of clippers, dryers ect.

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Brushing with a slicker brush everyday while the pup is young will get pup into a routine and will keep pup knot free. Run a steel comb through the coat after brushing just to be sure no knots were missed.

Bushing & combing should be done before and after bath. When brushing, part the coat & brush from the roots out. Poodles, Yorkies, Maltese do moult, but they do not drop their hair. When they moult they need to be brushed more regularly, otherwise the dead hair stays in the coat and will become matted. If you bath your pup always make sure all shampoo & conditioner is rinsed out good.

If your puppy objects to brushing, you must persist and be consistent (just as for toilet training). Place your puppy on a table and spend a few minutes every day and don’t stop because pup is trying to bite or yelp, as this is puppies’ way of teaching YOU! Pup will soon learn that the job gets done quicker when there is no fuss. Always remember to praise when pup has been good. Do NOT play with pup while on table or pup will not understand the difference between playtime and groom time.

Touch your puppies’ feet and rub your fingers between the toes a couple times a day. Gets puppy use to having feet handled.

Always touch puppy all over, face, in the mouth, ears and always praise – this gets
puppy use to being touched everywhere.

Weepy eyes – almost all little fluffy dogs have weepy eyes. Cleaning is required to prevent fur staining, sores & odor. Cleaning also prevents eye infections. Daily cleaning with a warm wash cloth will eliminate most of the rust color around the eyes.


Shelly’s Little Dog Grooming

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