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How to tell if pup is matted

Area's to pay close attention too:

Around ears, under armpits high friction areas,

if you wear clothes/ collar / harness. If you bath pup or pup gets wet & you don't brush & comb while pup is drying. The difference between a

matted & pelted coat - click


To get the desired hairstyle one wants depends on the condition of coat. 

If you can't get a comb through the entire coat you can't expect to have the desired length you want.


How to tell if pup is matted.

The easiest way to tell if your pet is matted is to comb through the coat, all the way down to the skin. Use a fine to medium toothed comb. If the comb becomes stuck in any way in the coat, you have probably found a mat.

What is a mat?

A mat occurs when hair twists together into tangles and knots. These knots twist together and form mats.

They usually feel like clumps when you pat your dog. Sometimes the mats may lie close to the skin and the outer hair feels brushed out, but underneath it is like a twisted carpet of hair. 


Why are mats bad?

Mats hurt!

When mats are allowed to develop in a coat, the fur begins to twist and pull at the skin, hurting

your pet. Think of it as having a tight elastic band in your hair and everywhere you turn another strand of hair pinches your skin. This pulling can cause blood circulation problems in the skin and be painful and uncomfortable for the dog.


The skin under the matted hair can become damaged from the lack of air and blood circulation. Moisture (from bathing, rain or snow, etc.) can become trapped, and with the dogs warm body temperature become a perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. This can lead to painful hot spots and vet bills.


What can be done about mats?

The most humane course of action is the clip down the coat and start from scratch.

My clippers are not able to cut through the mats and have to get underneath the matting. How short I must clip depends on the severity of the matting, and the closeness of the matting to the skin.

What about dematting?

I don't dematt  The tugging, pulling and ripping of dematting can be very painful for the pet, and it will damage the coat leaving it more susceptible to matting again. The kindest thing to do is to shave & start over.

How do we prevent mats?

It is the owners responsibility to brush & comb their pup.

To prevent mats in our pets we need to do a few things.

First we need to talk to our professional pet stylist and set up a regular grooming schedule.

Most coated breeds need to be professionally groomed every four to six weeks.

The longest any dog should go between grooming is three months.

For longer styles you need to keep your pet mat free.

Regular brushing and combing must be done at home. Great Tips here - Click


How often should I brush & comb my pup?

Take your time and enjoy the bonding that grooming your pet can achieve.

They should be brushed & combed daily, especially after walks & especially where the collar/harness/clothes are, high friction area's mat up fast too.

Your pet will thank you for it with the years of love and attention they bring to your family.

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