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Dr. Karen Becker

List of Dr. Karen Becker Video's on You Tube


Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian.

7 Signs your Pet might be suffering from Allergies - Holistic Tips

Dr. Karen Becker talks about aging and dying pets, and how you can provide the best care for them: Part 1  Part 2 


Talking about Early Spaying/Neutering:

#1 Effects       #2 Truth

#3 Ovary-Sparing Spay - Explained With Tabouli

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Age To Spay / Neuter

Ovary Sparing Spay is great but they don't offer it here & they still do come into heat.

I myself prefer to wait till 4-6 yrs. old before spaying as I do Not want to chance Pyometra. Yes Pyometra can happen at any age, but chances of getting it does increase as they get older.


Males I prefer to leave intact unless for health issues.

If one can get a vasectomy done that is also a Great choice too, again Not sure if vet clinics offer that here.


If one must spay earlier best to wait till full maturity to allow growth plates to fuse & pup to benefit from the hormones. Maturity depends on breed but always best to wait till after 3rd heat to allow bits to grow then Spay 2-3 months after heat cycle - Heat Cycle lasts about 21 days. Of course if one cannot guarantee they won't reproduce then def have your pup spayed/neutered. 

Benefits of waiting to Spay & Neuter 

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