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Dr. Karen Becker

List of Dr. Karen Becker Video's on You Tube


Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian.

What May behind Your Pet's Unsightly Tear Stains

Knowing how to perform basic CPR on your pet

Knowing How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver Could Save Your Pet's Life in an  Emergency

Kidney Failure - Where is it coming from?

What’s the Best Protection Against -  Kennel Cough?

7 Signs your Pet might be suffering from Allergies - Holistic Tips

Dr. Karen Becker talks about aging and dying pets, and how you can provide the best care for them: Part 1  Part 2 

5 Steps to having a Yeast - Free Dog... Itchy, Smelly Dog? This May Be the Problem.

Why Dogs Eat Grass - Click


Talking about Early Spaying/Neutering:

#1 Effects       #2 Truth

#3 Ovary-Sparing Spay - Explained With Tabouli

The Surprising III Effects of Spaying & Neutering 

Early Spay.jpg

Age To Spay / Neuter

Ovary Sparing Spay is great but they don't offer it here & they still do come into heat.

I myself prefer to wait till 4-6 yrs. old before spaying as I do Not want to chance Pyometra. Yes Pyometra can happen at any age, but chances of getting it does increase as they get older.

Dr. Karen Becker Discusses Pyometra in dogs.


Males I prefer to leave intact unless for health issues.

If one can get a vasectomy done that is also a Great choice too, again Not sure if vet clinics offer that here.


If one must spay earlier best to wait till full maturity to allow growth plates to fuse & pup to benefit from the hormones. Maturity depends on breed but always best to wait till after 3rd heat to allow bits to grow then Spay 2-3 months after heat cycle - Heat Cycle lasts about 21 days. Of course if one cannot guarantee they won't reproduce then def have your pup spayed/neutered. 

Benefits of waiting to Spay & Neuter 

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