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Put 2 cups of milk in jar - 1 tablespoon of grains

Cover with a paper towel or coffee filter

Wrap with a rubber band and forget about it for 24 hours



Kefir Instructions

🧫🥛 Home-fermented kefir is my favorite probiotic to use with my dog because I’ve been cultivating my kefir grains for awhile now & they’re now a bio-diverse microbial complex made of various bacteria + yeast. 🙌🏼


🥛Put 2 cups Fresh Pasteurized cows milk or goats milk in a glass jar and add 1 tablespoon of kefir grains .

You can use organic whole milk or organic goat milk. I use 3.25% Milk myself.

Cover the glass jar with a coffee filter wrapped with a rubber band to hold the filter in place .

Put in cupboard out of Sunlight.

Wait 24 hours until you see the bubbles at the bottom of the jar . What you are seeing is the Curds & Whey separating . In Summer it may ferment faster & Not take the full 24 hrs.

Strain the finished kefir through a nylon strainer shaking the strainer as shown in the video or use a rubber spatula to stir the kefir through .

🥛The milk kefir grains will remain in the strainer and the kefir will go into the bowl. Take the strained kefir and put that into a glass jar with a plastic lid and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks to 1 month .



🥛You may also pour the strained kefir into ice cube trays and freeze . Once frozen put the cubes in ziplock bags.


Not making:

🐾 When you are not making kefir leave the grains in 1 cup of whole milk in the refrigerator and change the milk once a week to feed them lactose so they can continue to grow and keep producing probiotics.


🐶 When you feed your dog kefir you may feed it frozen or thawed .

Take your kefir grains and put them back into the original jar and add more milk to make another batch .

Start your dog/cat with recommended amount according to picture.



you may use Fresh Goat Milk, Fresh cows milk.


Please Do- Not use

Answers or Primals fermented goat milk with these grains to make kefir !

Enjoy 😘🐾😘



🥛 Goat’s milk is loaded with benefits for your dog from environmental allergy support to gut healing & daily digestive aid, making it into KEFIR turns it into an even stronger digestive system to support food in RAW form.


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