Please Call/E-mail For Prices

Extra fees

Depending on dog, breed, size, condition of  coat.

Extra fees May apply due to mats, fur or an abundance of undercoat.  

I do Not accept dogs that are pelted or dogs covered in feces or urine.

Bathroom Duties

A short little walk will help your pup have a more enjoyable groom if they have done their business already.

* Haircut / Shave Only Dogs *

This is only for the dogs on a Regular Pre Booked Grooming Schedule Between Grooms. 

Booked every 4 weeks


* Bath & Brush *

$10 off Regular groom

Bath & Brush Only

* Bath & Tidy *

$ 5 off Regular groom - includes face tidy, paw pads, nails & sanitary - just no fur off the body.