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Start at $65

Prices start at $65 Depending on dog, breed, size, condition of  coat.

Extra fees may apply due to mats, fur or an abundance of undercoat.

 Depending on the condition and temperament of your dog the groom could go over the allotted time.

I do not accept dogs that are fully matted / pelted or dogs covered in feces or urine.

Time Between Grooms

The time in-between grooms, will vary from pet to pet.

If you are booking regular grooms you can expect to see me every 4-12 weeks.

Depending on breed of dog 12 weeks is the longest time I will allow to lapse between grooms. As grooming dogs that are left longer than 12 weeks is very hard on both the groomer and pet.

* Haircut / Shave Only Dogs *

This is only for the dogs on a Regular Pre Booked Grooming Schedule Between Grooms. 

Booked every 4 weeks 2 months out

1st is a full groom the other is one of your choice.


* Bath & Brush *

$10 off Regular groom

Bath & Brush Only

* Bath & Tidy *

$ 5 off Regular groom - includes face tidy, paw pads, nails & sanitary - just no fur off the body.

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