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Kennel Cough

Do you need the Bordetella Vaccines?

Simple Answer is No! 

Here is why - Click highlighted area's

What’s the Best Protection Against -  Kennel Cough?

What Is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough is an infectious bronchitis your dog can catch from other dogs. He can also pick it up from the environment if a sick dog has been around recently.

Kennel cough is the dog version of the human common cold. So … even though that hacking cough can sound nasty, it’s not usually serious.

Like a cold, it’s normally a self-limiting disease. That means your dog will get over it on his own in time. But even so, it’s better to avoid it altogether!

So, knowing how to prevent and treat kennel cough really helps. Especially if your dog travels … or is the sociable type who romps at the park with other dog friends.

5 Natural Alternatives To Cough Medicine For Dogs

7 Natural Remedies for Healing Kennel Cough - Click
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