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Apoquel Or Cytopoint shot

Please Read Before Giving This Drug!


Apoquel has pretty much replaced Atopica, which is cyclosporine. Cyclosporine is a mycotoxin. Mycotoxins are harmful products produced by fungi. They are chemical in nature and are immune-suppressing. Fungi rely on the mycotoxins they produce to kill any bacteria, other fungi, viruses and anything else that might compete with them. They suppress the immune system of dogs, cats and humans.

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Cytoppoint is not safe for dogs. As a veterinarian, I wouldn't prescribe it to dogs in my care. I think it's likely to cause significant harm or even kill your dog. Cytopoint causes harm because it blocks a messaging process in the body that's important in regulating many different processes. 


Allergies are big business because so many dogs suffer from them. So pharmaceutical companies are always coming up with new drugs to try to manage your dog’s allergies and control the itching. 

Cytopoint is the latest drug to hit the market. Both Atopica and Apoquel have become less popular because they are immune suppressing drugs, which leaves dogs vulnerable to chronic diseases.  

So is Cytopoint the new champion in the allergy drug space?


Cytopoint is an injectable drug given at 4-8 week intervals. Cytopoint manufacturer Zoetis claims Cytopoint is better than other allergy drugs because it doesn't need to be given alongside steroids, antibiotics and topical treatments, which adds stress for the owners and their dogs.

Zoetic also claims Cytopoint has “minimal impact on normal immune functions.” They describe it as a monoclonal antibody treatment that targets and neutralizes canine interleukin-31 (IL-3).

IL-31 is a cytokine that triggers cell mediated immunity against pathogens. IL-31 also regulates red blood cells and connective tissues, and it’s an important link between the immune and sensory nervous systems. 

So what happens when Cytopoint “neutralizes” this important immune protein? 


Veterinarian Edward Bassingthwaighte warns that blocking a messaging system that regulates so many different processes in the body could be quite dangerous. Turning off IL-31 could … 

  • Make your dog more vulnerable to infectious disease

  • Contribute to autoimmune diseases like immune mediated hemolytic anemia

  • Lead to neurofascial pain

  • Dysregulate the immune system

Common adverse reactions to Cytopoint include epilepsy, GI problems, increased pain, lethargy, autoimmune disease and even death. These reactions may happen after one injection or several, so if dogs don't react to the first shot, they're not necessarily safe from the second or third. 

Dr Bassingthwaighte warns, “Cytopoint is not safe for dogs. As a veterinarian, I wouldn’t prescribe it to dogs in my care. I think it’s likely to cause significant harm or even kill your dog.”

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