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Q: What are your hours?

A: Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 3:00pm, Friday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday and All Statutory Holidays

Q: What are your grooming appointments?

A: 8:00 am & 10:00/10:30 am - Depending how long my 1st groom takes you maybe 

booked for a 10:00 am or a 10:30 am - sometimes I do call to see if you would like

to come in earlier.

Q: How do I book a groom?

A: 1st time client must fill out form on website then I will call to book you in.

Regular client can call, e mail or Facebook message me to be booked in.

All Clients if you call Please leave a message as I Do Not answer phones, emails or Facebook pm during a groom. My attention is focused all on the pup, they are my 1st priority & I will return calls by end of day.

Q: Why do you require a Current Picture?

A: Reason is because I wash pups out of my personal bathtub.

Q: Do you send out reminders?

A: No I do not, as we are all adults make sure to mark it down on your calendar.

Q: How often should my dog be groomed?

A: The time in-between grooms will vary from pup to pup, depending on length of hair one would like to keep, this can vary anywhere from 2- 12 weeks. Most pups are on a grooming schedule and pre book their grooms to ensure their spot.

12 weeks is the longest to go between grooms due to the fact it is a lot harder on the pup as well as the groomer.

Q: Why do your prices seem higher?

 A: My prices reflect my experience & you are paying for Express Grooming & a calm environment. I schedule one dog at a time from start to finish, and book every appointment with your dogs’ needs in mind.

Q: “What does Express Dog Grooming mean?”

 A: I schedule one dog at a time from start to finish, and book every appointment with your dogs’ needs in mind.

1. Dogs will not be waiting in kennels for an extended length of time.

2. No barking dogs waiting for their turn.

3. No full day trips to the groomer.

Q: How do You keep the pups cool in the summer?

A: On the Hot Summer Days be assured your pups are enjoying their Spa Day in a nice cool room. I do have AC to keep the pups cool during the time they are here.

Q: What kind of Shampoo will be used?

 A: All my products are biodegradable, Non - Toxic & hypoallergenic.

 I use Natures Specialties & IGroom.

Q: Do you clean / Disinfect between grooms?

A: Yes I do - Cleaning between grooms is very Important: 
In between Grooms when I am waiting for another client everything is being disinfected.
Brushes, combs ect are soaking in a cleaner.
If I don't have time to clean tools in between grooms, no worries as I have enough spare ones to groom 7 dogs.

Table, kennel & Tub are always disinfected between each groom. Please refer to Cleaning Products for more information.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Clients must give 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment so that it may be made available to others.

Cancellations must be made during Business hours Monday – Friday between 8:00 am & 3:00 pm.

excluding weekends and stat holidays. Please refer to No Show / Cancellation Policy for more information


Q: What if I am late for my Appointment?

A: If your pet arrives 10 minutes or more late to the appointment it is subject to cancel and will be marked as a No-Show, as I am appointment only need to run on time for all clients.

Please refer to No Show / Cancellation Policy for more information


Q: Pick Up Time?

A: I will ask you to be out front within an Hour & a half this way pup can go straight home once I am done -  I will call to make sure you are here.

Fee’s will be applied $10 Fee will be charged if late and an additional $1 for every minute increment there after per dog.

Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: E Transfer: 

Q: Do you accept cash?

A: Yes I do, Please have the exact amount as I Do NOT make change.

Q. How long does a groom normally take?

A. Most dogs take 90 min for a full groom, if it takes longer than 90 min extra fee's will apply.

Please refer to Extra Fees for more information


Q: Is there extra fee's?

A: Yes there maybe extra fees on top of groom please refer to extra fees.


Q: Do you use muzzles?

A: If I have to put one on I do for my safety as well as the dog, usually I only have to put one on for some as they do not like their nails done. The muzzles I use fit over the whole dogs head, I do NOT just muzzle the snout, I find this calms the pup down and they can still see me.

I prefer not to groom your dog if they’re going to bite me, and I think it causes trust issues between me and the dog.

Be honest with your groomers about behavior issues because we put our very lives at risk to groom your dogs! I need my hands & fingers & if I get bit then I cannot groom.


Q: Difficult Dogs

A: Dogs that show a tendency to bite or jump around may be muzzled or attached to a grooming arm for the pups safety and mine, I do not groom very difficult dogs. Dogs that are uncontrollable will be sent home and charged for the groom. It is not fair or acceptable to force your pet to accept the grooming session, you may need to see a vet about chill pills for the pup.


Q: Do you groom dogs that are sedated / Chill Pills?

A: The short answer is No I do not groom sedated dogs.

Q: How do you restrain the dog?

A: I use a Groomers Loops with one arm through the loop for the most part but when I don't have one arm through the loop is when I am clippering the pup,  be assured that the groomers arm is low this way the pup is NOT held up tightly and will NOT put strain on the trachea. Then I put one leg through the loop again, this is all for pups safety to keep them on the table.

Q: Do you only groom certain breeds?

A: Yes since I groom out of a spare bedroom in my home I am only set up for the smaller dogs 20 pounds & under. 

Due to allergies I only groom certain breeds & high shedding breeds the hair is a little much in the house.

Q: How come you Don't accept dogs in certain types of condition?

A: Since I groom from my house & wash dogs in my Personal Bathtub is the reason why I don't accept dogs that are matted with feces & urine or dogs that are fully matted /pelted.

It is the owners responsibility to brush/comb and maintain their pets coat between grooms.


Q: What is the Clipper Vacc?

A: The Clipper Vacc System is like a vacuum, a hose attaches to the clipper and lifts the coat up as you cut for a velvety finish! While using the clipper vacc, blades never get hot, making razor burn impossible.

Q: Do you do Anal Glands?

A: No - Anal glands is considered to be a medical procedure and should only be performed by a Veterinarian or an Animal Health Technician who is under the direct or indirect supervision of a vet. Please contact your vet to have this procedure done for your dog.

Please refer to Full Groom Page for more information.

Q: Do you Pluck Ears?

A: No -  It can cause more harm then good Rather than prevent ear infections, this procedure can actually create a greater likelihood of infection by damaging the tender inner ear tissue and allowing a foothold for bacteria to thrive. Please refer to Full Groom Page for more information.

Q: Do you offer face Tidy, Paw tidy & Sanitary between grooms?

A: No I do Not as working on a dirty dog ruins our scissors and clippers. The dirt will cause nicks in the scissors and dull the blades. Everyone is welcome to Pre book a Bath & Brush or Bath & Tidy between grooms. Please refer to Price Page for more information.

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