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Bathroom Duties

A short little walk will help your pup have a more enjoyable groom if they have done their business already.

Please Read - Extra Fees

Express Dog Grooming:

“What does Express Dog Grooming mean?”

1. Dogs will not be waiting in kennels for an extended length of time

2. No barking dogs waiting for their turn.

3. No full day trips to the groomer.

I schedule one dog at a time from start to finish, and book every appointment with your dogs’ needs in mind.

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All Clients

are to call upon arrival



Thank you

  Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of busy dog salons?

With my grooming salon  I offer a quiet atmosphere in the privacy of my own home. Where your dog becomes part of my family for the time they are here. Dogs will not be waiting in kennels for an extended length of time. They will be given the same love & patience I give my own fur-kids. Some dogs can be stressed out by all the noise & traffic involved with a busy salon, with a private home they can feel more safe & relaxed.

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6 - 12 months

you may need to fill out my 1st time client Form again.

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Dogs do not need to be up to date on vaccines.

By signing my consent form, you are acknowledging that your dog is in generally good health with no known health issues or diseases of any kind & up to date on Puppy Vaccines.

Under No circumstances will I groom any Dog(s) with Worms, Fleas, Ring Worm or Lice

For up-to-date hours Time Off, Statutory Holidays please visit